MASFA increases the number of projects designed in cold-formed steel by training architects and engineers. It’s simple, the more comfortable an A/E is with cold-formed steel, the more they will use it and the more they will encourage owners to use it. As MASFA trains A/E’s, more projects will be designed using cold-formed steel (which will increase steel sales) and the better the design documents will be for the contractors in the field.

MASFA makes it easier for you to get projects through permit by training local code officials. Many local code officials are not familiar with the use of cold-formed steel. As a result, they may require heavier designs than are necessary. In some cases, they may not allow it at all. This can be costly to the project. As MASFA trains these officials, these barriers should be removed.

MASFA makes it easier to find qualified skilled labor by training the labor force. Currently, the industry is being hurt by the lack of skilled labor. As MASFA creates and develops training programs for the labor force, this will result in an increased skilled labor pool. As MASFA helps to bring new skilled labor to the workforce, the price of cold-formed steel construction will reduce and the products built will be of better quality.

MASFA sponsors research and development projects that help bring new materials, tools, and methods to the marketplace.

MASFA is affiliated with the national Steel Framing Alliance. The purpose of SFA is to work at the national level to expand the use of cold-formed steel. They are, and already have, worked to develop tools that are critical to bringing the cost of cold-formed steel construction down. They have established alliances with major manufacturers of steel framing components.